Top 5 Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Many people believe that they have sensitive skin when they break out after applying certain products or after exposure to direct sunlight. However, more often than not, the culprits behind the blotchy skin and zits are using inappropriate products for … Read More

Top 5 Best Skin Loving Body Butters

In the quest for the best skin care we can find, we are bombarded with thousands of options and products that promise us everything from younger looking skin to turning back the hands of time and restoring us to our youthful … Read More

Color of the Month – November

This month we’d like to feature Cranberry as the color for November. This rich, deep hue ranges somewhere between red and maroon, and conjures up images of home and warmth. More than just the fruit we associate with its healthy … Read More

What is oil pulling?

What is oil pulling? In a nutshell, its swishing oil around your mouth to help “pull” out toxins. Its an ancient dental technique that’s been around thousands of years. Yes, you read that right – THOUSANDS. The way it works … Read More

Great Uses for Apple Cider

Helps with weight loss! Maintains your body’s alkalinity. Helps detox your liver and even reduce heartburn. Make a natural skin toner – 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar plus 2 part water – great for acne breakouts! 1 part Apple Cider … Read More

DIY Pore Strips

Wash your face with warm water. If you can steam your face all the better. This will remove any dirt and excess oil, and will open up pores. Measure 1 Tablespoon of unflavored gelatin into a disposable container Add 1-2 … Read More

20 Skincare Mistakes

20 Skincare Mistakes Although I enjoy writing my own articles, sometimes I come across one already written so well that I just want to share. Click below to read 20 SKINCARE MISTAKES THAT ARE DAMAGING YOUR FACE

Giving Yourself a Facial at Home

Giving yourself a facial at home Want a facial but don’t have the time and/or money to spend at the salon? We’ve all been there. Although it’s nice to have the pampering, you can get the same benefits by giving … Read More


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