Color Inspiration – August 11, 2016

Where I live in the world is currently extremely hot and extremely humid and we’re told it will get worse before it gets better. I have been dying to get to the beach for some much needed me time but between work, my soap and skin care business, my family, and just life in general, any extra time I have goes to passing out on the couch. This kind of leaves me in a constant state of what I call “rolling exhaustion”, lol… I really need to get back in touch with nature to relax, unwind and recharge my batteries and I know this. The ocean was calling me when I found this image… cool and refreshing, glorious in its splendor, it gave me this palette scheme of grayish blues, teals and greens.  I just want to be there right now.



Be happy in color!

Remember if you create something amazing using this color scheme, please drop us a note with an image of it and we’d love to include it here!