Color Inspiration – August 17, 2016

“They say it’s your birthday…” da da da da da da… “it’s my birthday tooooo…” (sung to the tunes of The Beatles’ “Birthday” song, natch). Yep, it’s my Bday, so of course I had to create an appropriate palette scheme to celebrate. Today’s palette is based off of this fun photo of some bright, colorful and playful birthday gifts. Yes, these colors are just happy-go-lucky and don’t seem to care about things like the weather, mortgage payments, insurance premiums or other adult stuff. No they will NOT adult today! They just wanna party and they want the world to party with them… so enjoy these funky, crazy colors, have a piece of cake and let’s forget about adulting today, what do you say? 🙂


Be happy in color!

Remember if you create something amazing using this color scheme, please drop us a note with an image of it and we’d love to include it here!