Color Inspiration – August 8, 2016


One of my most favorite colors of all time has to be Tiffany Blue. That “not-quite-mint” combination of a soft robin’s egg blue mixed with a touch of cream and butter-yellow, it brings to mind images of early spring mornings with dew-covered flower buds, of cotton candy, sugared cup cakes, paper flowers and lace bows… With it’s close proximity to grey-ish white, it’s almost a neutral, and goes with so many colors that its one of the most versatile, and ever stylish, colors on the spectrum. Couple it with black and you have a sophisticated combination for any fashionable wardrobe or interior decor, match it with white and you have a bright and pleasant combo that would work in anything from business card designs to styling a family room.

This image shows this beautiful hue used as the backdrop for some lovely greens and soft whites, capturing a romantic, ethereal moment in time.



Be happy in color!

Remember if you create something amazing using this color scheme, please drop us a note with an image of it and we’d love to include it here!