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Gardenia Jasmine Soap

Gardenia Jasmine is a sweet, sensual, exotic and romantic scent that will delight and uplift your mood.

Approx. 5oz bars.… Read More

Tea Tree Spa Facial Soap

Our specially formulated facial bar for those with sensitive skin or skin issues. Activated Charcoal and Rhassoul Clay Facial Soap with Tea Tree Oil blended with other essential oils for a great facial cleanse.

Each bar approx. 5oz … Read More

French Lavender Soap

Our French Lavender true Castile Soap is our number 1 seller and for good reason – scented in French Lavender essential oil, colored with natural colorants and topped with dried lavender buds, this is the welcomed clean scent everyone craves and sighs over. Cleanse your mind while you cleanse your body.… Read More

Milk, Oats & Honey Soap

Our Milk, Oats & Honey true Castile soap is an all-natural, pure cleanse that will make your skin feel amazing. Locally farmed organic goat milk, local organic honey, and non-gmo ground oats (for light exfoliation) make up this amazing bar. There is no added fragrance or color, but it smells like warm toasted oats due to its natural ingredients. A must have.… Read More

About Us

My mother has always had good skin. Alabaster and without a wrinkle, even in her 70’s she still has a lovely, creamy complexion to envy. Since she came to this country from Cuba in 1961 without a penny to her … Read More

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