Color Inspiration – August 18, 2016

Today’s palette scheme is brought to you by my desire to be as far away in a tropical paradise as humanly possible today. Thank you and good night. Be happy in color! Remember if you create something amazing using this … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 17, 2016

“They say it’s your birthday…” da da da da da da… “it’s my birthday tooooo…” (sung to the tunes of The Beatles’ “Birthday” song, natch). Yep, it’s my Bday, so of course I had to create an appropriate palette scheme … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 16, 2016

Today’s palette is courtesy of this gorgeous photo. Although it somewhat conveys a feeling of loneliness, a sense of the end of summer, to me it feels hopeful, the anticipation of the ship to come in, looking at the coolness … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 15, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! It’s brutally hot today and all I can think about is cooling off. The weekend was good, my air conditioner kept me hostage and I was happy to oblige its domineering will… and got to go to … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 12, 2016

It’s the end of a very busy, hectic, crazy, hot, humid, exhausting work week and personally, I needed a few minutes of disconnecting. This image makes me think of one of my favorite shows of all time – Downton Abbey … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 11, 2016

Where I live in the world is currently extremely hot and extremely humid and we’re told it will get worse before it gets better. I have been dying to get to the beach for some much needed me time but … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 9, 2016

  Needing a break away from the softer palettes I’ve been creating, I chose this bold, industrial, modern scheme today. The hot, bright red and orange makes a jump-in-your-face statement against the cool and dark hunter green, silver grey and “almost black” charcoal. If … Read More

Video – Our Soap Making Process

Over they years we’ve had many people asking us how we make our soaps. While it’s very flattering, it’s hard for us to describe the process without getting very technical and to be honest, downright boring to those people not already in the … Read More

Color Inspiration – August 8, 2016

  One of my most favorite colors of all time has to be Tiffany Blue. That “not-quite-mint” combination of a soft robin’s egg blue mixed with a touch of cream and butter-yellow, it brings to mind images of early spring mornings … Read More

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