lavender essential oil
Great Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

There are so many uses for lavender essential oil that it’s hard to narrow them down to just one list – and that’s just lavender alone and not even counting all the other wonderful essential oils it blends beautifully with! … Read More

Color of the Month – November

This month we’d like to feature Cranberry as the color for November. This rich, deep hue ranges somewhere between red and maroon, and conjures up images of home and warmth. More than just the fruit we associate with its healthy … Read More

Limited Edition, Seasonal and Novelty Soaps

Limited Edition FragrancesBasil Mint Fresh Linen Moroccan Oasis Patchouli Scrumptious Sparkling Sangria Merlot (with added Merlot wine) Crisp Chardonnay (with added Chardonnay wine) Coconut Lime Briar Irish Tweed SeasonalCranberry Marmalade Pumpkin Spice Sweet Apple Orchard Sparkling Winter Snow Elf on … Read More

pure lavender essential oil
Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil imported from France. Pure and uncut, undiluted. Great for aromatherapy. If used for any other purpose, carefully dilute with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil. Do not take internally.… Read More

Organic Shea Butter and Olive Oil Body Souffle

Creamy, rich organic Shea Butter whipped smooth with pure Olive Oil, creating a luscious thick butter to moisturize, nourish and revitalize face, body and hair. Perfect for those with particularly dry skin, those who want to moisturize after tanning, and anyone who just wants an all-natural solution to their dry skin.… Read More

Moroccan Oasis Soap
Moroccan Oasis Soap

Moroccan Oasis Soap – A beautiful scent of honey, almonds and amber. Warm, exotic, inviting, sensual – like an afternoon spent poolside under the Moroccan sun. Cube-shaped like traditional Savon de Marseille, fits comfortably in your hand.… Read More

Forbidden Absinthe Soap

For almost 100 years Absinthe, a spirit originally created in Switzerland, was banned in the United States and Europe due to its supposed hallucinogenic effects. Although that was ultimately proven not to be true, it was very high in alcohol content and a pretty potent drink enjoyed by artists, poets and writers like Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh, Aleister Crowley, Pablo Picasso and other notable creative geniuses. Although this soap is NOT made from the spirit, the fragrance is pretty true of a sweet anise, fennel, bright lemon, fresh orange, white jasmine and sensual musk. Absolutely exotic, warm, enticing, haunting and intoxicating!… Read More

Pink Sands Soap

Personally I dream of pink sands and turquoise waters year round – and although I haven’t visited anywhere on earth that offers this little slice of paradise yet, I hope to one day… but in the meantime, we have Pink Sands soap – a scent reminiscent of a spa cabana on a tropical beach! A little sweet citrus, a little warm vanilla and a little tropical floral – but none of these strong scents are too overwhelming, here they blend together beautifully to bring paradise to your bath.… Read More

Merlot Wine Soap

Drink your wine and now wash with it too! This wine soap is made not only with our Olive Oil recipe, but we swapped out 90% of the water for Merlot, bringing you all the goodness wine has to offer (without the hangover!). Although the natural wine scent doesn't survive the the saponification process, we added our own blend of a smokey, nutty, fruity scent to this amazing bar of soap. Red wine lovers rejoice – we got you covered!… Read More

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