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  • Glitter Bottle 1 oz

    Glitter Spray Bottle 1 oz

    Spray your glitter like a boss! Spread an even, thin coating of glitter on everything from your bath bombs and soaps, to art projects and even weddings and parties! With locking nozzle to prevent leaks, this spray bottle is specially made to hold glitter and other powders without clogging. Can be used for mineral makeup, body powder, body paint (dry), micas, glitters and more. 1 oz.

  • rose geranium

    Rose Geranium

    Our Rose Geranium Castile Soap. Silky, creamy, and glides across your skin like velvet. With the romantic and nostalgic scent of roses and geraniums, afterwards you'll be clean, you'll smell amazing, and your skin will feel soft, pampered and moisturized. You've never felt anything like this before. Made with precious Rose and Geranium essential oils for soothing of skin and mind alike.

    Essential Oils
  • Moringa and Cambrian Blue Soap

    Moringa and Cambrian Blue

    An all natural cleansing bar filled with absolutely amazing ingredients! Loaded with organic Moringa powder and Cambrian blue clay, this powerhouse duo will cleanse, detoxify and clarify your skin. Moringa leaf contains 18 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein and is loaded with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E and minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica, manganese and sulfur. Cambrian Blue Clay is the oldest clay on the planet. It contains kaolin, calcium, phosphate, iron, magnesium and zinc, and all essential mineral salts. Together they will give you a deep and soothing cleanse that will do wonders for your skin. Scented lightly with lavender and lemon essential oils and along with the Mooring powder, this has a fresh, herbal and earthy scent.

    Essential Oils, Natural Colorant
  • Emerald Isle

    Emerald Isle

    Our Emerald Isle is a beautiful, crisp, rich and fresh green scent blended of Iris, Lemon Verbena, Violets, Ambergris, Mysore and Sandalwood.

  • viva_la_flirt

    Viva La Flirt

    Our Viva La Flirt is an alluring and sensual blend of Peach, Mandarin, Rosewood, Berry, Grape, Orange Flower, Jasmine, Rose, Lily, Musk, Tonka, Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Sandalwood. Whew! A SEXY scent for sure!

  • tahitian_twilight

    Tahitian Twilight

    Our Tahitian Twilight has a sweet and tropical blend of scents including neroli, orange flower, peach, plum, tangerine, jasmine and honeysuckle.

  • patchouli_scrumptious

    Patchouli Scrumptious

    Our Patchouli Scrumptious is scented with essential oils of dark Patchouli, blood orange and amber. This is a warm and earthy blend with just a hint of sweetness.

    Essential Oils
  • Spring Picnic

    Spring Picnic is a delicious blend of aromas including sweet florals, apples & berries, a best seller! We call it our “Rose Gold” because of its beautiful dusty rose color and topped with a shimmering coating of gold mica!

  • Spa Serum Mask

    Spa Serum Mask

    Our Spa Serum Mask consists of our our signature serum with a cotton mask for deep spa facial treatment.

    To Use:

    After cleansing face, squeeze out excess serum from mask and apply onto face, smoothing out any wrinkles or folds. If desired, apply some of the left over serum onto top of mask, smoothing evenly across the surface. Save the rest of the left over serum to use on your hair, cuticles, or for additional facial treatments. To use with heat: after applying mask, thoroughly wet a small towel with warm-to-medium-hot water (being careful not to burn yourself), wring out excess, and apply on top of mask. Sit and rest for 15-20 minutes. Remove towel, remove and discard mask, and pat dry with soft towel. To use without heat: after applying mask, sit and rest for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard mask and pat dry with soft towel. You will see an instant difference in your skin’s appearance!

  • Botanical Toner

    Our Botanical Toner is a gentle mist of coconut water, vegetable glycerin, rose water, witch hazel and essential oils to soften and rejuvinate tired skin. Spray onto face several times a day to refresh your skin and uplift your spirits. Go ahead and spray onto your hair and body too! 4 fl oz

  • Golden Elixir Face Serum

    Our Pure Face Serum is a blend over 12 luxurious oils make this dry oil suitable for face, body, nails and hair! A couple of drops is all you need to give a glowing, smoothing appearance to your tired skin. Smooth on your face before makeup, or go all natural and leave the makeup behind! Smooth a drop or two between your hands and apply sparingly to calm frizzy hair. Rub onto your cuticles or hands to moisturize dry skin. Even apply as a beard or mustache oil! This is a dry oil that readily and quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling oily or slick. 2 fl oz

  • amour fou

    Amour Fou

    Amour Fou: “uncontrollable or obsessive passion.” This scent is a blend of musk and spice, orange zest, oakmoss and white patchouli. Equally colored in a silver-grey and a bright fuchsia red, this represents the passion of two clashing personalities and the attraction for one another. Sensual and appealing to males and females alike.