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Natural handmade soap and skin care made on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.

All our soaps are made with 100% olive oil (true pure Castile), and we use only the best ingredients including organic and locally grown when available. Our soaps and skin care products are not drying and will retain your natural moisture, giving you a luxurious spa treatment at home for a fraction of the cost.

In the past our soaps were oversized as we wanted to give our customers more for their value. After receiving some great feedback we’ve listened and resized our bars for a better user experience. Each bar of soap is now approximately 2.75” wide by 4” high by 1” thick, a good size to hold comfortably even in smaller hands. As these are hand cut, each will be slightly different. Each bar weighs between 4 oz - 5 oz. But we still want you to get a good value, so with each purchase of a bar you will also receive a generous size sample of another bar as a gift from us! This lets you try out another fragrance without having to buy a whole bar first. Unfortunately you won't be able to choose which ones due to inventory limits but we'll make sure that if you purchase multiple bars you won't receive the same samples.

Treat yourself to little luxuries daily!

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