Beer Me Bar Soap

Beer soap? You bet! Beer is known for having great skin loving properties and leaves you feeling (and smelling) amazing! Fragrance is a special blend of sweet spiced apples, berries, citrus with a touch of star anise, cinnamon, clove and brown sugar.Read More

Mermaid Tail Bar Soap

Mermaid Tail Soap is a light and fresh ocean spa scent with Sea Salt undertones. Picture yourself lounging on a rock brushing your long red hair while your sea creature friends sing to you. If you miss the ocean this is the soap for you!… Read More

Spring Picnic Bar Soap

Spring Picnic is a delicious blend of aromas including sweet florals, apples & berries, a best seller! We can’t keep these in stock for long, a year-long favorite so grab yours while they’re still in stock!… Read More

Scrumptious Sugar Skin Scrub



The key to smooth skin (in addition to nutrition and hydration) is regular exfoliation. Our Scrumptious Sugar Skin Scrub gives you the perfect blend of gentle exfoliation and moisturizing oils to leave your skin feeling and looking its best. And the scent is out of this world delicious! A special blend of French lavender essential oil and other botanical oils are whipped with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. You will feel your mood lift and relax after you treat yourself to this spa favorite. Please note: we do not add any emulsifying wax so oils may separate naturally. If that happens, take a popsicle stick, small spatula, spoon or other utensil and just stir it back up.


As this contains no artificial preservatives, you must use a utensil to scoop out the amount needed to apply to your skin. Do not put wet fingers back into the jar to avoid introduction of water into the product.… Read More

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Bar Soap

Pretty and bright colors match the sunny fragrance in this bar soap! Colored in tangerine orange, bright yellow, soft yellow and white, it compliments the fresh and sunny scent blend of grapefruit, ginger, lime, bergamot, mandarine orange, and hints of herbals.… Read More

The Summer Wind Bar Soap

A cool, fresh scent reminiscent of a walk along water’s edge on a cool summers day! Hints of cool waters, crisp linens, tropical florals, orchids, rain, beachwood and vetiver. A blues and white swirl design compliments this scent perfectly!… Read More

Truly Patchouli Bar Soap

A true, rich Patchouli essential oil from Indonesia. Patchouli fans love my Truly Patchouli for it’s unadulterated, true scent. Colors are light tan with soft mauve in a gentle swirl.… Read More

Lime in the Coconut Bar Soap

Who doesn’t love a little lime in their coconut? What smells more summery than this?? You will LOVE this scent between the sweet creamy coconut scent blended with the tart and fruity lime – a great combo! Colors are bright green and light tan swirl.… Read More

Pink Two Lips Bar Soap

A swirl of a medium pink, light green and white to symbolize pink tulips (pink two lips, get it?). An amazing scent blend of tulips, juniper berries, plum, grapefruit and green leaves.… Read More

Fairy Garden Bar Soap

A fun mix of colors of pink, green, orange and white with a dusting of light body glitter across the top (kisses from fairies!). A lovely scent blend of fruits, jasmine, honeysuckle, lemon peel and a hint of vanilla and light floral touch.… Read More

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