lavender-fieldOur newest fragrance – Mallory – will uplift your spirit and calm your mind with its combination of sparkling summer berries, sweet florals and soothing lavender essential oil. Created purely by accident by one of our customers who, after walking away with a shopping bag filled with our goodies, noticed that her lavender products blended with her “Flirt” products (a wild and sexy scent), creating a new aroma that blew her away. After sharing this with her family and seeing that not only the females but the males also all were enchanted with this blend, she asked us to make this scent in honor of her niece Mallory who was getting married. Fast forward a few weeks later and Mallory the fragrance was born! We are honored to carry this new scent and offer it in any of our products as a custom order – soaps, lotions, scrubs, sprays – Mallory works with everything! For a sniffie sample drop us a note and we will be happy to send it to you to try for yourself and see how amazing your summer can be!

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