News and Updates

Hey hey hey! We have been kind of busy and being very bad about keeping our loyal followers up-to-date as to our goings on (yes, and we are ashamed of that, we’re working on being better social media butterflies…). So, I thought I’d drop the latest news.

Since dropping out of the Riverhead Farmers Market in March, we started selling at Stony Brook Hospital on a weekly basis, and have met some incredibly wonderful people. We’ve since switched to every other week, and will keep you guys informed always via our calendar which is at the bottom of all pages and on the sidebar of the blog posts.

Starting May 30 we’re back at the Islip Farmers Market – YAY!! We’ve missed you guys so much over the winter and can’t wait to be back!

Unfortunately this year there’s been a strike in the west coast with the shipping importers, warehousers and longshoremen and that has impacted the cost of us running the business dramatically. Our prices have had to go up to reflect our suppliers raising prices on oils, butters, clays, packaging, fragrances, colorants, shipping, etc. Unfortunately we had no choice but to raise prices just to keep our heads above water. Pricing for fragrance soap bars are now $8 each or 3 for $20. Essential oil soaps will be priced individually.

Best Sellers vs. Limited Edition Soaps – we will be keeping our “Best Sellers” in stock at all times so no more lag time! Right now its a small list but will be expanded as we study which ones are the most wanted. Limited Edition Soaps will be available in smaller amounts varied by season, holiday, fragrance availability, etc. so they will be on a rotating basis.

New Products – we have some new products that we have been slowly rolling out and will have new ones coming soon. In addition to our natural soaps and skincare, we will also be introducing Cosmetics, Home Care and Supplies. We’re starting with nail polish and eyeshadows in some delicious summer shades, and we will also be selling natural laundry butter, wool dryer balls, and bottled essential oils and organic shea butter made by the women of Ghana!

We’ll keep you guys posted as things get rolled out at the markets first and then when they’ll be available on the website. Thanks always for your support and for being the best customers in the universe! 🙂