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  • Black Charcoal Bar Soap


    Japanese Black Soap has been used for centuries to cleanse acne-prone skin. A great cleanser for those with problem skin because it cleanses so gently. If you suffer from black-heads, white-heads, red-spots, etc.. then this is the soap for you! Your skin will appear brighter as it deep cleans gently. Made with Activated Charcoal and a blend of pure mineral clays to help draw out excess oil and impurities. Leaves you feeling soft as it retains your natural moisture. Our version varies slightly as its made with 100% olive oil making it even more gentler of a cleanser. Made with Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils, all known for their skin-loving properties. A best seller!

  • Scrumptious Sugar Skin Scrub




    The key to smooth skin (in addition to nutrition and hydration) is regular exfoliation. Our Scrumptious Sugar Skin Scrub gives you the perfect blend of gentle exfoliation and moisturizing oils to leave your skin feeling and looking its best. And the scent is out of this world delicious! A special blend of French lavender essential oil and other botanical oils are whipped with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. You will feel your mood lift and relax after you treat yourself to this spa favorite. Please note: we do not add any emulsifying wax so oils may separate naturally. If that happens, take a popsicle stick, small spatula, spoon or other utensil and just stir it back up.


    As this contains no artificial preservatives, you must use a utensil to scoop out the amount needed to apply to your skin. Do not put wet fingers back into the jar to avoid introduction of water into the product.

  • Lavender Fields Bar Soap


    Our Lavender Fields is our number one best seller and for good reason! This is the soap coveted by people around the globe for centuries for it’s crisp, fresh and relaxing scent and pure cleansing. Our Castile soap is scented in French Lavender essential oil and topped with dried lavender buds. Our version is very reminiscent to the famous Savon de Marseilles, a soap that has existed for centuries and different versions used throughout the world. This is the welcomed clean scent everyone craves and sighs over. Cleanse your mind while you cleanse your body.