Top 5 Reasons to Use Handcrafted Soap

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Handcrafted Soap vs. Commercially Prepared Store Brands

  1. Detergents. Did you know that most store bought “soaps” are actually detergents? You can tell the worst of the “offenders” because they can’t even use the term “soap” in their label – that’s why they hide behind terms like “beauty bar”, “cleansing bar”, etc. instead. Handcrafted soap is 100% pure soap – detergent free. Pure and simple.
  2. Glycerin. A humectant which draws moisture to your skin, glycerin is a natural by-product of soap. It’s also a valuable and expensive commodity. Store bought brands know this and will extract the glycerin from their products and either add it in their other products as an extra moisturizer, or sell it to third parties for their use. Handcrafted retains 100% of the natural glycerin, which leaves you with soap that is less drying and less harsh.
  3. Purity. Soap is made from animal or plant oils and butters (which are all fats), water, and sodium hydroxide. You cannot make real soap any other way. Of course there are combinations of oils and butters that soap makers use in their signature recipies, but the basics are all the same. Don’t be fooled by “no lye” soap or “lye-free!”. There is no such thing. In the end all soap is lye free. When fats, water, and sodium hydroxide (lye) are blended together they go through a chemical process called “saponification”. When soap is made properly and saponification happens, the bars are left to cure for a time. The end product no longer has traces of lye present. Interesting fact – lye is also used in the production of some foods like pretzels, bagels and lutefisk.
  4. Less chemicals. Commercial store brands add additional chemicals such as detergents (like we discussed in #1), as well as additional bubbling agents, hardeners, fake moisturizers and more yuckiness. First they pull out the natural ingredient that adds moisture, then they put in chemicals to fake moisturize. How does that make sense?
  5. Quality. Handcrafted soap makers take great pride in their work. They work in smaller batches than commercial brands, and take longer to craft their creations. They add quality ingredients to add different benefits to their soaps. The end results are artisan soaps with beneficial ingredients for the best and most enjoyable cleansing possible.
  6. BONUS! You support local crafts-people, growers, producers and artisans! Not only the soap maker, but also all the other local crafts people the soap maker employs. It’s a win-win! Soap makers are your neighbors. Your mom, daughter, dad, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend. They’re the people that shop in your neighborhood and are raising their family the best they can just like you. They’re from all walks of life and social status. Supporting them supports you and your family and friends, and your support brings better products to your door.

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